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       This service is specifically designed for all those carriers who need to receive financing from their accounts receivable, allowing the necessary cash flow to pay the costs of operations, salaries, maintenance, reinvest, among others

Non Recourse Program

If the broker appears as approved in our system we cover the credit risk.

Online Credit Checks

we help you don’t miss out a load The broker’s credit score it’s one click away from your computer or phone

Concentrate only in your business

GH Factor will handle all your invoicing and collections

Fuel Advances

are available as soon as you pick up a load, this will help you to cover the fuel costs through the next one

Quick payment for your Invoice


your load

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Fuel Card Program

Low transaction fees, including cash advances and checks

Money from GH Factor is immediately loaded into your account for free

Internet based card maintenance, transaction data detail, access to real time truck stop prices, volume reports

Flexible payment methods

Universal card acceptance at over 5,000 truck stops nationwide

You can control how your drivers spend your money by placing spending limits and allowing only certain types of purchases.

Data download interface to most major accounting, dispatch, routing, payroll and fuel tax applications

You receive a statement breakdown that will make easier fill your IFTA report

Attractive discounts at 2,859 locations and counting

Highly qualified customer service; with EFS, you’re not just a number

Owner operator settlement capabilities

Purchase power of the card is customized to meet your needs

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